What is a Good Husband?

October 12, 2017 • Sarah Jean Gosney

What is a Good Husband?

Some of you may have read my article, The Five Faces of the Perfect Wife. Well don’t worry, I’ve got the male edition for you as well! As you will see, the two complement each other nicely, just as a husband and wife should complement each other in a successful marriage.

The Five Faces of the Perfect Husband

  • Father
  • Lord
  • Handyman
  • Sex God
  • Businessman

Father: Concerned with instilling children with morals and character. Stoic, level-headed, kind but firm, applies discipline when necessary without being cruel.

Lord: The ruler of the land. Protects the household and all its lands, possessions, and inhabitants. Goes into battle for his domain if necessary. Concerned with the legacy of the family. Many qualities are shared with the Father role.

Handyman: Able to maintain the household and keep it in running order. Able to fix things or know when a professional is truly needed and can use his services without getting swindled. Always has a trick to make his wife’s day just a little simpler.

Sex God: Confident and good in bed. Able to please his woman and inspire sexual openness in her.

Businessman: Always looking to better his family’s position and strike a better deal. Is shrewd and economical, but also knows when to take risks. Supports the family financially.

Men, like women, have their strengths and weaknesses. Naturally, no one can fully embody all of these, but I hope this guide gives you something to strive for.

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