5 Ways to Be More Beautiful

5 Ways to Be More Beautiful

November 22, 2017 • Sarah Jean Gosney

Beauty is a divine gift. Whether it is a beautiful woman, a breathtaking landscape, a song that gives you chills, or something unexpected like a rainbow in an oil slick, beauty is one of life’s pleasures. There is never enough beauty in the world, so making the choice to add to it is an admirable goal. Here are five ways you can cultivate feminine beauty in your life.

1. Grow Your Hair and Take Care of Your Appearance

I combine these two, since outer beauty is a small aspect of feminine beauty, and one over which we only have so much control. Maintain good posture and keep your clothes in good condition.

Long hair has been a sign of feminine beauty in many cultures across the world. Even if your hair does not get long (I know you’re out there, curly haired and natural haired ladies), growing it and caring for it will signal your health and beauty. Don’t worry about artificial coloring, expensive cuts, or fancy products (I cut my own hair and use drug store products). Run a comb (or fingers) through it, keep it clean, and leave it alone.

2. Practice a Feminine Hobby

These are quite varied, but common, accessible ones include writing, learning an instrument or singing, painting or drawing, and needlework. There will be a learning curve (especially if you are a glutton for punishment like myself and choose the cello), but you will find fulfillment in creating something tangible and eventually beautiful to offer to others.

3. Learn to Cook

While not a solely feminine pursuit, there is nothing more nurturing than filling a hungry belly. Everyone appreciates good food, and home cooked meals are somewhat rare these days. You can start at any skill level and will get to practice for the rest of your life!

4. Facilitate Cooperation

I’ve often read that women are better at reading others’ emotions, though it’s not universal (I’ve certainly had to practice). Use this to your advantage to smooth over tense situations and help people work together.

5. Build People Up

Pay attention to others and give (sincere) compliments freely. Practice encouraging others to open up to you by affirming and expressing curiosity in their interests. This will make you a better conversationalist and will lead to people craving your company.


Noticing beauty in the outer world is the first step to internalizing it. Take time to appreciate the beauty in your life. Then, aim to express it in your everyday actions.

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