How to Connect Emotionally

Femininity, Self-Improvement

July 25, 2018

Being emotionally connected is a key aspect of femininity. It’s a key aspect of being a healthy adult, really, but I think it is especially important for women. It is our job to be emotional leaders in our relationships and our families, but in …

What Not to Do in a Relationship

Femininity, Relationships

March 29, 2018

It seems like whenever we hear the word “masculinity” these days, it is preceded by the word “toxic.” But what of toxic femininity? This is not something that is discussed in mainstream culture, but I see far more of it than I …

What Makes a Good Woman?

We have lost sight in this day and age of the characteristics of a good woman. We hear every day about strong, empowered women, but how often do we hear about virtuous women? I myself will often criticize the behavior of women, but we need to focus …

How to Be More Attractive to Men


January 4, 2018

Attractiveness is more than just appearance, and it goes beyond romantic applications. Attraction can be used not only to draw in a romantic partner, but also to enchant people in your daily life. When people are attracted to you, they want to spend …

How to Be Happy as a Woman

Relationships, Traditional Life

November 30, 2017

Modern women have been sold a lie: a fulfilling career is the ultimate achievement and should be a primary goal. One reason this is a lie is that most people have jobs, not “careers.” The primary reason? In the workplace, no matter how …

5 Ways to Be More Beautiful

5 Ways to Be More Beautiful

November 22, 2017

Beauty is a divine gift. Whether it is a beautiful woman, a breathtaking landscape, a song that gives you chills, or something unexpected like a rainbow in an oil slick, beauty is one of life’s pleasures. There is never enough beauty in the …