My 55 Hour Fast

Lifestyle, Self Improvement

November 12, 2018

Note: I am not an expert on fasting. If you decide to undertake this process, proceed with caution and listen to your body. Especially if you take medications or have health conditions, you may want to consult with your doctor before doing this. So, …

How to Heal Your Mind and Body: the Beginning


August 11, 2018

Trigger warning: this article does contain a little bit of poop talk. If you want to continue to see me as a demure lady, you may want to read something else. However, if you want to experience radical self healing, read on. Note: This is not medical …

Don't Diet, Fast (Intermittently)

Don't Diet, Fast (Intermittently)


December 15, 2017

I know all of the well-intended diet advice is supposed to come in January once we’ve resolved to shed the holiday pounds, but I thought I’d come in ahead of schedule and share what I’ve been doing for the past two months. Many of …